Organization of a Page

Include a Title, a Grouping, and one or more Subject/Topics

Each page should have a title, some sort of indication of a group (e.g., Subteams), and a particular Subject/Topic. Use specific styles to set these three bits of information apart. Use
  • Heading 1 for the Title,
  • Heading 2 for the Group, and
  • Heading 3 for the Subject/Topic.

Questions and Answers documents

For Q&A or FAQ pages, you might have several topics on one page. Use Heading 3 for each Topic.

New Content

When you add a new question, or answer an existing question, or both - put a date just under the Subject/Topic;

New Content
[added 25-Aug-2008]
Question: How do I know when this information was added?
Answer: Add a date for easy identification of when information was added.

Grouping Pages

When you create a new page, think about what other pages it affects. For instance, a question about OTC is related, in some way, to the OTC Subgroup. And to questions & answers. Use a Tag to help group pages.