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Project Pillbox (beta)

How can I tell if my .jpg file extensions are in uppercase letters?
How can I change my .jpg file extensions to lowercase?

Uppercase extensions is the default for some systems.
Also, file extensions can be hidden. This is another common default

To confirm file extensions:
Start, Control Panel, Folder Options, View tab:
Make sure to unclick "Hide extensions for known file types".
This way can see if the extensions are in upper/lower case - and modify to lowercase if in uppercase.
[from lauren_clark]

What does this error mean: Reference value must be the file name for the image ?

Pragmatics validator doesn't locate any images associated with your file.

  • Check to make sure the name of the image that you attached to the file is correct in the Xform.
    For example, if your image file name is C1234D.jpg, then you must type that name exactly in the Xform as C1234D.jpg (do not use the pathway).
  • Make sure the jpg image file is in the same zip folder as the XML file before you send it to the validator.
  • It's also possible when editing an already existing XML file . If you haven't changed the image yet, and try to validate..
  • Another possibility - if none of the above are working -- you may have invisible 'thumb files'.

    [all from TGRegulatory]

What kind of packaging image should be included in the principal display panel (PDP) section?

In the Step-by-Step instructions....section 4.7 includes the following statement: "image of the entire label as a single jpg file." See end of the paragraph below.

4.7 Content of labeling
The content of the labeling provided with drug listing (e.g., professional labeling (package insert), consumer labeling, carton labels and container labels) is included in the same SPL file as the other drug listing information. Carton and container labels include the content of the Drug Facts or equivalent for animal drug products and the content of the Principal Display Panel including the image of the entire label as a single jpg file.

I'm getting 'effective time' errors when I try to validate my SPL. The error is located in a Content of Labeling section that has an image in it. I am using XForms.

  1. Make sure you have the most current version of the Drug Listing XForm. At minimum, make sure you are using drug listing form version 1.02 or higher.
  2. Create section under content of labeling tab
  3. Qualify section from drop-down menu, i.e., Package Label.Principal Display Panel
  4. Create GUID for section
  5. Open "add effective time" field and enter proper formatted date (yyyy/mm//dd) in effective time field.
  6. Open Observation Media fields ("add media") and complete section appropriately
  7. "Edit" section intended to import jpeg (.jpg) image.
  8. Before importing image, add own text in place of "enter section text". Even if text was not intended for this section, add minimal text such as "test file". Immediately following the last letter of text, import the jpeg referenced in associated Observation Media section. Make sure there are no spaces before or after text. Save work!
  9. Repeat steps for all sections where images are imported.