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The Technical Team is a part of this working group and also a participant in the HL7 Structured Product Labeling standard development project. More information can be found on the Technical Team page in this wiki.

A number of subteams have informally been established to explore SPL issues for new and existing user communities.We currently have


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Travis Borchardt
Available on Homeopathic page here
Veterinary Medicine/ Animal Health
currently unfilled

No Meeting currently scheduled -
Industry Leader - vacant

Marcia Howard
(Sub-team liaison)
Available at OTC sub-team wiki-site (listed under
No Meeting/Teleconference scheduled
Virginia Hogan - Leader
Available at Generic sub-team wiki site (listed under Groups/Sub-teams)
No Meeting currently scheduled -
SPL Process, Drug Listing, Establishment Registration
Ben Harpster
Herbert O'Brien
Available at SPL Process, Drug Listing, and Establishment
Registration sub-team wiki-site
(listed under Groups/Sub-team)
August 10, 2016 and every other Wednesday thereafter, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pmEastern Time
Patrick Lupinetti
Dragan Obradovich

Theresa Brunone

No Meeting currently scheduled
Downstream Use of SPL
John Lorenc
John Lorenc
Virginia Hogan

SPL Indexing
Ed Millikan

Technical Team
Myron Finseth
Gary Saner

Second Monday of the month, rest of 2016: 8/8, 9/12, 10/10, 11/14, 12/122:00 pm - 3:00 pmEastern Time


Subteams are ongoing and active, often having multiple topics of focus within a specific area of industry.Their representation brings area of focus appropriate to the ongoing implementation activities. Some subteams may have ties to industry/trade organization additional to HL7, e.g. BIO, AHI, CHPA, GPhA