Revisions in Validation Rules v 2.0 [Revision 201008021527]

Additions of text = underline
Deletions of text = strikethrough
New requirement / renumbering = bold

NEW 1.1.11 If there is a confidentiality code, then the code is "B" and the codeSystem is "2.1.840.1.113883.5.25".
Note: This rule replaces,, and from the earlier version [201005011423]

NEW Generic medicine name contains no more than 512 characters.


NEW For percentages numerator unit is not 1, instead use a volume unit for volume fractions and a mass unit for mass fractions. If there is a strength, then the rules are as above for active ingredients.
Note: See rules,, and

CHANGE If the document is not a UDI submission, then tThere is a section with the code 51945-4 (principal display panel) with an image of the carton/container label.

NEW If the document type is 34390-5 (Human OTC drug label) and the citation is not part 352(sunscreens), then there must be the following sections: 55106-9 (OTC-active ingredient section), 55105-1 (OTC-Purpose section), 50565-1 (OTC-Keep out of reach of children section), 34067-9 (Indications & Usage section), 34071-1 (Warnings section), 34068-7 (Dosage & Administration section), and 51727-6 (Inactive ingredients section).